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Amazing portrait photography

Amazing portrait photography, or at least the good stuff which sticks with you, always tells a story.  My goal, when I started photography, was to try to really understand the Technique required to get the best shot, and not rely on photo tricks to make photos people would love.  These days, Photoshop and other programs make the whole process seem simple, but this is where the decent photographers are separated from the Great photographers.  The Great Ones get it right in-camera, using the right equipment, experience, and preparation, and then the required post-processing is minimal.  

In today’s world of cell phones with amazing cameras, most people never really understand the work which goes into getting the perfect shot.  Planning, researching locations, preparing the right tech for the project, and then teaching the clients so they understand that this is not a standard photo session, but rather, something they will need to put in work to accomplish is absolutely essential.  When this is effectively communicated to my clients, and if they are willing to really put in the effort, the results are always amazing, and the clients will have an even deeper connection with the photo.

Anyone who hires Pure Touch Photography for a photo session will soon learn that successful and impactful images do not just happen, and my clients are expected to put in the work right along with me.  I will guide, instruct, educate and prepare, and then, when we work as a team, the results are always stunning.

Here’s a great short article where a photographer discusses his planning and execution to pull off a fantastic, award-winning shot.  Enjoy:

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